HD story – chapter 5

Leo awoke to light streaming in the windows. Birdsong accompanied the sounds of Teresa already moving around in the house below. Blue sky filled the windows. Still in a dreamy state, Leo’s wandering gaze came upon the large tree in the yard. “Hello friend,” he whispered.

Sitting up, scooting toward the rail, Leo looked down at the small room below. His attention was riveted. “How did I miss that yesterday?” he wondered just before he darted down the ladder.

dragon figurineHe lifted the dragon statue off the shelf. The eight-inch black and silver figure was heavy in his hands. Spikes along the dragon’s spine felt sharp. Rough scales made up the skin. The dragon’s wings were partially unfolded on each side. The creature looked powerful and potentially menacing.

Leo marveled at the intricate details. A long tail curled around gnarly feet. Clawed hands grasped a crystal ball into which the dragon’s gaze was fixed. Leo blew dust away and rubbed the crystal ball with his fingers revealing dozens of shining facets. The dragon was clearly mesmerized, as though cast into a serene spell by the sphere.

“Amazing,” said Leo now fully awake. “Where did this come from?” he wondered. “Why would my great-grandma have a statue like this?” he puzzled. “This must have belonged to my dad.”

He reached into his pocket to pull out the card. The cheerful face of his dad looked back at him from the driver’s license

“You were here,” he whispered. After looking into those eyes and rubbing the edge of the card, Leo stuffed it back in his pocket and headed down the stairs.