A walk in the woods…

The following photos were taken walking west into the foothills of Boulder. I was attempting to bring my friend Carolyn along on my walk through texts. We got to see the moon disappear from sight three different times! (Photos taken 8/30/18 with an iPhone – presented in chronological order)            …

Look who else is on the scene…

I’m pretty sure this is a male bobcat. (Right Pablo? Anyone?) Maybe he sired this year’s bobkittens! Not just one… Three! Mama’s with them. Magnificent! And another baby: Plus, this mama + baby duo is still around: And, maybe is this one of last year’s kittens (?)

Ode to mother’s milk

Precious to see a doe and her fawn together… …and nursing! Then just about 10 minutes later, the trail cam captured this series of photos… …so clearly illustrating the splendid power of mother’s milk.

Doe and fawn portrait

This photo was taken this morning with a zoom lens. They were headed right to the one of the trail cameras, so there will likely be more photos of these two in the July collection.


May we remember that Life here on Earth is richer with possibility than we may understand like a tree growing out of a rock or a butterfly in snow or a being resting quietly in the woods nearby. Wondrousness is all around.