Recent trail camera activity

A new trail camera in a new spot out back was relatively quiet for a long time, and then…all these species in a month. (Only highlights are shown here.) List= mule deer buck + doe, skunk, squirrel, bobcats, black bear + cub, mouse/rat?, raccoons, mountain lion, Blue Jay.

Trail cam 9/21/19-12/25/19

This set of trail camera photos features, among other things, playful growing bobkittens, a running bear, a gorgeous coyote, deer encounters with other species (raccoon and bobcat), and the silhouette of a bobcat with squirrel prey in its jaws.

Trail cam 9/6/19 – 9/12/19

This is a sweet set of photos capturing the bobcat family passing time together. Then a big intruder comes along. Does the bear appear under the tree at 2:27:10? If so, I think bobmama may be seen defending her babies! The shots after 2:27:10 are exactly what the trail camera captured (none excluded). There is…

Trail cam 8/18/19 – 8/30/19

The lower trail camera (aka the meadow cam) has been dominated by deer but did catch a passing bear: The clearing cam has been viewing lots of bobcat action along with other critters. Interestingly, there have been no recent photos of rabbit but the large mouse is still active at night – when bobcats aren’t…

More Bobkittens!

For the third year in a row, a set of three bobcat kittens have been photographed romping in front of the trail cam. The last sign of a bobcat prior to the appearance of the kittens was in April (see snowy shot below). Then the scene was relatively quiet for months…just birds, deer, rabbits, mice……


Here is backyard documentation of what I have read many times and seen over the years: that Great Horned Owls and Red Tailed Hawks can share territory.

trail cam 12/18-2/19

The area these photos are taken is often referred to as a “wildlife corridor.” This term seems apt since so many different types of animals move through with no one staying too terribly long. This set of shots shows quite a coyote phase. Check out the photos of bobcat on the hunt at the end.…