Recent trail camera activity

A new trail camera in a new spot out back was relatively quiet for a long time, and then…all these species in a month. (Only highlights are shown here.) List= mule deer buck + doe, skunk, squirrel, bobcats, black bear + cub, mouse/rat?, raccoons, mountain lion, Blue Jay.

For my kyudo sister

Hello mourning dove in morning light,grey feathers under grey sky,graceful curves in the misty rain.Your call penetrates, haunts –today a rise then two level notes. Show me the way to be steady in my grief. Never forgetting.Remaining in Love.

Sensory awareness guided practice offerings

Greetings,The recordings below are a first-time attempt at presenting recorded guided Bringing Ourselves To Our Senses (BOTOS) sessions. There are 4 variations to explore with different components – possibly for different stages of practice. If you try any out, please share your thoughts and suggestions. Feedback is monumentally helpful. Thank you! —-As humans, we get rattled, escalated,…

ashes to ocean

The Oregon coast was always their romantic getaway. Last week, I released my parents’ ashes to the ocean there. The return of their cells to nature in this place of beauty was very moving. The section of beach alongside Cape Lookout State Park was solitary at the time. Warning: wind noise is loud in the…

Trail cam 9/21/19-12/25/19

This set of trail camera photos features, among other things, playful growing bobkittens, a running bear, a gorgeous coyote, deer encounters with other species (raccoon and bobcat), and the silhouette of a bobcat with squirrel prey in its jaws.