A flurry of trail camera activity

Several kids are among the recent trail camera photos prompting me to compile the safety tips found at the end of this post. A first bear sighting after a season of hibernation: As you can see, the backyard ravine where this motion-activated trail camera sits is a wildlife corridor, a sort of passageway for countless…

Recent trail camera activity

A new trail camera in a new spot out back was relatively quiet for a long time, and then…all these species in a month. (Only highlights are shown here.) List= mule deer buck + doe, skunk, squirrel, bobcats, black bear + cub, mouse/rat?, raccoons, mountain lion, Blue Jay.

For my kyudo sister

Hello mourning dove in morning light,grey feathers under grey sky,graceful curves in the misty rain.Your call penetrates, haunts –today a rise then two level notes. Show me the way to be steady in my grief. Never forgetting.Remaining in Love.