About Hero Dragon

Hero Dragon is an all-encompassing, life-enhancing game that uses playful metaphor to foster collaboration, emotional awareness and the development of calming practices for the good of all. Here are the basics:

We all have Hero and Dragon in us. When Hero is in control, we are calm, clear-thinking, caring and creative. Dragons on the other hand stem from emotions like anger, fear, frustration and greed and can be rash, confused, self-centered and even destructive.

Both Hero and Dragon like to be in control, but only one leads at a time. Whichever is in charge gets more powerful over time, and neither can destroy the other.

Lest we think that Dragons are “bad” and Heroes are “good,” we quickly learn that Dragons carry vital messages crucial to our integrity and personal growth. Respectful attention is crucial to attending to Dragons properly while fear, aggression and avoidance only fan the flames.

When a Dragon is heard and understood, transformation is possible. As Dragons arise (and they inevitably do since strong emotions are part of being human), we first calm ourselves in order to hear, understand and deal with whatever brought on the Dragon. Ideally, this happens before any potentially harmful Dragon actions erupt. Once calmness is restored, the Hero regains control; and constructive action becomes clear. In this way, positive change is created and everyone benefits.

Dealing with Dragons can be tricky. They take many forms, and can be difficult to recognize, especially in oneself. This is why collaboration can play a pivotal role in the Hero Dragon game. Co-participants strive to help each other notice, face and care for even the fiercest or most elusive of Dragons. Communication and cooperation are key.

As an ongoing part of the game, participants dabble in a variety of calming techniques and settle into personal practice with the ones they gravitate toward. Thus, skills are developed for creating the calm circumstances in which the Hero thrives. To the extent that the community shares practices such as Dragon Breathing or Bringing Ourselves To Our Senses, they can be used collaboratively as tools for transformation.

Through playing the Hero Dragon game, we learn not to fear dragons and instead revere them as the key to minimizing blind responses to dark emotions. Our community recognizes the importance of showing up for each other. A form of enlightened society becomes possible. Individuals become integrated HeroDragons, not either / or but compassionate, aware and able. At the pinnacle of play, Dragons are so well cared for and at ease that they slumber for long, long periods of time.


Hero Dragon was born of a parental impulse to collaborate toward emotional awareness. As such, a workbook for parents is available.