Hero Action

The ultimate Hero Action is service to others. When we take action for the benefit of others without regard for self-gain, the personal reward is beyond measure. We learn that by helping others we help ourselves.

Other Hero Actions can be less direct. Special attention training activities can help us develop the skill to recognize and address Dragons. Try them out and see what you like. When you stick with this type of activity, you end up with a skill you can call on whenever you need – a gem in your treasure chest. Below are some examples of attention training activities. (Instructions for each will eventually follow.)

  • Dragon Breathing
  • Bringing Ourselves To Our Senses (BOTOS)
  • Wild Horse Taming
  • Tree Time
  • Wheel Turning
  • The Reflective Pool

Each activity requires imagination and persistence to be of benefit. Over time we can get better and better at noticing, facing and calming Dragons – when we find ourselves with a treasure chest filled with valuable gems!