Introducing Cave-Cam

Trail camera photos 10/1 – 10/7

Woohoo! A second trail camera was added to backyard wilderness. I’m calling it the Cave-Cam because it is pointed toward the entrance of what appears to be a small cave below the clearing where the first camera is situated. I will now call the first camera the Clearing-Cam. The first Cave-Cam photo was taken before the date and time were set on the new camera; and when I go down next, I will synchronize their clocks since it appears this is needed. It’s already interesting to see the bobcats seeming to check in at the cave and then go to the clearing.

I put all the photos in one slideshow. First, a lone bobcat moves past both cams in the early hours of Sunday morning. He/she smells/scents the rock in the clearing on the way by. Then on Monday, the Cave-Cam shows both skunk and raccoon presence. Bobcats return on Tuesday. They appear for a few seconds on the Cave-Cam followed by hours on the Clearing-Cam. The early morning Clearing-Cam photos that day are quite foggy. The bobcat mama and 3 kittens lounge and bathe for hours perhaps drying themselves after the rainy weather. There’s one shot in which, if you look carefully, you can see all 4 of them.

Interestingly, the raccoons and a skunk alternate appearing in front of the cave when the bobcats aren’t around. At least the raccoons appear to actually enter the cave. It’s also worth noting that without the Cave-Cam, there would have been no record of any raccoon or skunk activity at all.


Here’s a chronology of the week:

Cave cam: (minus bird activity)
lone bobcat

1:50am skunk toward entrance
4:38am raccoon into cave (2-3)
7:08pm skunk walking away from entrance

6:46am 2 bobcats in front then 1 moving off to right side

3:30am skunk
5:44am 4 raccoon appear to come out
6:30pm 3 raccoon in appear to go in

8:55pm skunk in front of entrance pointing out

6:44pm 1 raccoon facing toward
7:57pm skunk pointed away
11:21pm 1 raccoon out

3:46am skunk moving toward from right

Clearing Cam: (minus bird activity)
1:23am lone bobcat

6:46am 2 bobcats
9:12am 1-4 bobcats – photos foggy until 9:54 last shot 1:18pm

2:11pm squirrel