Tree time

pine treeTree Time

Trees are emissaries of love.

Take a walk and pay attention to the trees around you. If you feel drawn to a particular tree, go to it and spend time with it. Connect in whatever way feels right. Touch it; sit with it or lie below and look up through its branches.

We know that trees take in our respiratory waste, carbon dioxide and produce what we use, oxygen. Imagine this to be done through tree inhalations and exhalations. Now imagine that this happens very slowly – over the course of a day. Picture it this way – a tree inhales while there is light and exhales while it is dark.

Engage your imagination: Create these mental images and align them with your own breath. Just prior to breathing in, the sky fills with spectacular colors of sunrise. As you inhale, the sun appears and crosses the sky. With lungs full, visualize the sun set (the sky again splashed with magical color). Then the exhalation spreads through the darkness of night until there is gap before the next inhalation. The cycle repeats. Continue.

Could tree consciousness operate at this slower pace? (One breath in taking all day; one breath out all night)?

Can you feel your sense of time shift? Let yourself be held in this broader view and take in the healing effect. Wonder how much the tree has seen, heard and taken in over the years it has stood its ground.

Thank the tree for its beautiful life-sustaining, healing presence.