Trail camera photos 8/12 – 8/18

Amazing viewing! A small clearing above the currently dry seasonal creek turned out to be a hot spot for the camera. Startlingly, 8 different varieties of animals appeared through the week, and the bobkittens were so active it’s downright exhausting to watch! Here’s a selection. Enjoy the view:


Here’s a chronology of the photos from the week (leaving out various bird shots):

Start= Saturday 8-12/17
3:24pm-4:03pm Bobcats 18 photos

7:31am deer
8:57am bird
10:29am rabbit
3:17pm-8:50pm bobcats 418 photos

3:38am-6:32am bobcats 782 photos

2:40am mouse
3:58am-5:43am raccoon
12:37 bird
7:59pm bear cubs
5:58am bird

11:32pm skunk
3:25pm bird

2:45am raccoon

3:50am skunk
9:38am deer
8:57pm raccoon
9:52pm skunk
11;57pm mouse?

End= Saturday 8-19-17

Eight kinds of animals: deer, birds, rabbit, bobcat+kittens, mouse, raccoon, bear cubs, skunk.