Trail camera photos 8/19 – 8/25

Another amazing week – again 8 kinds of animals were photographed (though not the same 8 as last week). During this week, an adult bobcat shows up but with just one kitten. The week prior there were three kittens. Were two kittens off on their own adventure? Did the mama “evict” them? Or maybe they died? Or is this a different bobcat mama who has just one kitten? I have tried to find distinctive markings on the adults pictured, but have been unable to tell for sure. Hopefully in the weeks ahead the trail camera will offer some hints. Another note: the first photo shows a spotted skunk. Prior to this I’ve only seen striped skunks. Spotted skunks are said to be smaller and the most carnivorous of the skunks.

The morning after I retrieved these photos from the camera, I saw bobmama bring a dead squirrel to the little one. Bobkitten then threw the dead body around while mama watched. Another squirrel stopped on the power line above them and chattered at them for some time waving tail up and down all the while. A bunch of bluejays alerted me to the presence of a great horned owl up the ravine a bit. What a wild place!



Here’s another summary of what got photographed by the trail camera:
Start= Saturday 8-19-17

9:22pm mouse

12:10am-1:10am mouse
2:52am spotted skunk
5:41am rabbit
5:49am 6:08am striped skunk
9:00am squirrel
6:24pm bird  (towhee)
8:51pm- 8:55pm mouse

1:49am – 2:52am mouse
6:24 am bird (towhee)
8:40am bobkitten
10:47- 19:56am  bobcat + kitten
2:21pm hummingbird
6:19pm bird (sparrow?)
7:08pm – 7:43pm bobcat + kitten
7:43pm bobkitten
7:49 bobkitten seen with mouse – plays with dead mouse until 8:05pm 190 photos
8:12-8:16pm bobkitten without mouse (having eaten it?)
8:17pm – 6 raccoons
9:01pm bobkitten
9:31pm -10:15pm bobcat + kitten

4:50 am striped skunk
11:31am bird (towhee)

7:51am rabbit
8:00pm 2 raccoons
11:14pm 1 raccoon

11:16am towhee
9:14pm striped skunk

End=Saturday 8-26-17

Eight kinds of animals: spotted skunk, rabbit, stripped skunk, squirrel, bobcat+kitten, mouse, birds, raccoon.