Trail camera photos 8/26 – 9/2

Happily, the appearance of the 3 bobkittens in this week’s trail camera photos tells us that they are still alive and well. I welcome guesses as to what kind of animal was moving out of front-center in the Monday 10:25pm shot.

The adult bobcat that walks through the scene alone on Tuesday afternoon appears to be a different adult. Maybe a male? Does he/she leave a scent on the rock while passing by? Note the photos that follow that show the bobcat mama reacting to smelling the site the next evening with a half-open mouth. I found references calling this the “flehmen response.” While we got less of a variety of animals this time around, it’s still quite a hot spot!

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This week’s summary:

Start= Saturday 8-26-17

3:59 bird

2:15pm deer
3:01pm bird

5:41am sporadic bobcat and bobkitten activity until 10:04am
6:55pm sporadic bobcat and bobkitten activity until 8:01pm
10:25pm mystery animal

4:43pm lone adult bobcat walks through, marks?

2:41pm – 4:16 bobkitten alone
7:39pm – 7:46pm bobcat adult alone, notices mark?
8:07pm – 9:40pm bobcat adult bathes
11:44pm – 11:49pm bobkitten alone

12:10am – 12:36 bobkitten alone
2:38am – 2:40am adultbob mama with bobkittens

6:31pm hummingbird

End= Saturday 9-2-17

Four kinds of animals: deer, birds, bobcats, +mystery animal (possibly rabbit?)